Responsive web design

Over the past year, the amount of people who visit the EELA.ORG website using a smartphone or small tablet has grown considerably. The previous design of the website did not accommodate these people very well. Therefore, EELA commissioned Mediaweb to re-design the website so it would better cater for these people.

Conferences by EELA partner ERA

- Germany

Comercial Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process; all parties must consent to participate in good faith and work toward a mutually agreeable resolution. The mediating parties are not bound to resolve their dispute. If mediation ends without a settlement, the parties can take their dispute to court. But if a settlement is reached the mediated settlements can be made binding.

- Austria

Staff Leasing in Germany

Staff leasing in the high-wage sector The staff leasing market in Germany is an important instrument, easing up the strongly regulated labor markets in Europe as well as in the United States.