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Territorial scope: The employer shall be allowed to suspend an employee from work during the period of notice of the termination of an employment contract.

The Labour Code of Lithuania (LCL) stipulates merely a single occasion when the employer is allowed to suspend an employee from work (duties). The LCL (Article 123) defines that if an employee comes to work intoxicated with alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances, an employer shall not allow him to work on that day (shift) and shall suspend his wage.

- Netherlands

Modernisation of Dutch law on leave and working hours regulations

The Dutch Senate passed the Modernisation of Leave and Working Hours Regulations Bill on 16 December 2014. The idea behind this legislative change was to make it easier for employees to combine work with care responsibilities. To accomplish this, the bill amended the Work and Care Act and the Working Hours (Adjustment) Act. Most of the amendments took effect on 1 January 2015.

- England and Wales

Territorial scope: EAT finds that an employee who worked remotely in Australia was entitled to bring unfair dismissal and whistleblowing claims in an English employment tribunal.

The EAT has ruled that an employee of a British company, who worked remotely in Australia for family reasons, was protected against unfair dismissal and whistleblowing detriment by the Employment Rights Act 1996 and entitled to pursue employment claims in the London employment tribunal (Lodge v Dignity & Choice in Dying and another)