EELA Board Members

The Board of EELA has decided to fill the existing vacant positions on the Board.

According to the EELA Constitution each country should have a representative on the Board. They are elected by the General Assembly. However, the Constitution also allows the Board to coopt Members.

Currently the following countries do not have a representative on the Board:

- Bulgaria
- Hungary (existing Board Member – Akos Fehrvary has recently resigned)
- Iceland
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Romania
- Slovakia
- Slovenia

If you are from one of these countries, you are kindly requested to volunteer to become your country's representative on the EELA Board. Where there will be one candidate from the respective country he or she will be coopted to the Board and will be invited to attend the next Board meeting which will take place in Brussels on 17 September 2012. Please kindly submit your application to EELA before 15 August 2012 to the following address :

The coopted board members will be requested to stand for "normal" election by the General Assembly during the conference in Antwerp on 8 June 2013.

You are welcome to liaise with your local colleagues and EELA members and decide on whom from your country would be put forward as a unique candidate for the cooptation to the Board.

Where by 15 August 2012 there will be more than one candidate from the respective country, the Board will not coopt a Member. The candidates will be welcome to stand for election during the next General Assembly.

Also, please be informed that the term of the board members listed below will expire at the next General Assembly (end of term or resignation), so if you are from one of these countries you are welcome to stand for election or reelection as your country's representative .

The board members and countries concerned are :

- Natasa Randlova: Czech Republic
- Petteri Uoti: Finland
- Lars Holo: Norway
- Bartłomiej Raczkowski: Poland
- Ueli Sommer: Switzerland
- Els de Wind: The Netherlands

Finally, it is important to know that all expenses related to Board membership are covered by the Board Members themselves. EELA does not cover any such expenses. Most importantly the expenses include: travel to two or three Board meetings per year, conference fee, etc.

Best regards,
Guy Castegnaro
EELA Chairman


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