The Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) in its plenary sitting of 15.10.2015 adopted a social model consisting of more than 30 legal acts and including a new draft of the Labour Code, which had been presented by the Government. However, the new legislation drafts will be debated further in the Committees of the Seimas, the proposals of which will then be submitted for voting to the Members of Parliament.


As presented earlier (see rubric of 10.04.2015, EELA), the new draft of the Labour Code enhances the flexicurity of employment relations, notwithstanding new rigorous provisions being involved as well as. Recently the majority provisions were agreed with social partners, after Members of Parliament had acknowledged that the new draft and its proposals were eligible to be presented to the Seimas for adoption.


The plan is to implement the new draft of the Labour Code from 2016. The current debates in Parliament can, nevertheless, stave off enactment of said code.


*Inga Klimašauskienė is a Senior Associate at GLIMSTEDT in Vilnius,