The European Commission launched (09.25) the second phase of consultation with social partners on a possible revision of the so-called Written Statement Directive, which applies to employment contracts, geared towards ensuring a set of basic rights for all workers.

Social partners have until November 3 to decide whether to exchange views on the planned adjustments to the Written Statement Directive (91/533), which obliges employers to inform workers on certain key aspects of working conditions. Using this reform, the Commission plans to introduce a set of basic minimum rights that apply to all workers, regardless of their employment status, so that “all workers”, including those participating in the so-called gig economy, benefit from fair and predictable working conditions. Indeed, in the consultation document, the Commission mentions contracts including a set minimum number of hours and days of work, a notice period, establishing a minimum number of guaranteed hours if the working relationship endures, and the right – after a certain length of service – to demand a change in one’s employment status. The Commissioner announced that, in the absence of European negotiation on the issue, a draft directive would be adopted before the end of the year.