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Holiday entitlement of part-time workers must be recalculated if working hours increase

Legal advice privilege where lawyers assist clients with regulatory investigations

New whistleblowing framework for financial institutions

Eastern European National Correspondents in Vilnius

Violation of privacy rights may not have impact to the validity of the termination of employment

One legal question was whether the employee has breached his employment obligations. The other question was whether violation of privacy rights by the employer has impact on the termination of employment.

The employer shall pay a non-compete compensation to current employees if he wants to limit them from working for a competitor during their employment.

Following the latest case law of the Supreme Court of Lithuania (held on 12 Feb 2016) it is not enough to state that an employee cannot work for a competitor...

Charges for a spouse’s employment against a manager may imply discrimination of marital status.

Working after the state pension age

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